From the cover of Don’s newest book called PREPARE for the End-Time Harvest!

From the cover of Don’s newest book called PREPARE for the End-Time Harvest!

Who better to guide our walk with the Lord than a godly man who has stayed the course for over eight decades? Don Finto may be in his senior years, but I have seen firsthand his vigor and passion for Jesus as he continues the race and finishes well. In his new book, PREPARE! Don s writing reflects his true heart for the body of Jesus. There are dark days ahead for some of us, but he teaches that we can maintain hope for a bright future. When we join with wisdom, prayer and integrity, we can respond correctly even in times of unjust suffering. I hope you study the deep truths in this honest look at what it means to walk uprightly, and fulfill the purposes of God for your own life. –Heidi G. Baker, PhD, Co-Founder and Director, Iris Global

Don Finto’s new book describes how to walk as a follower of Yeshua (Jesus) in these end times. As usual, Don’s writing is to the point, bringing complex topics down home, where anyone can relate to it in a personal way. Not only does the book help position you for a right understanding of the times before us, it provides you with inner encouragement and faith to stand victoriously. While some write about how to be successful, and others write about the difficulties, Don writes how to be successful in the midst of the difficulties. The book is real, practical, and simple which in itself is no simple task. Don shows you how to face a disastrous situation that looks like a tidal wave, and then shows you how to ride a surfboard of victorious faith, rising above the circumstances. –Asher Intrater, Jerusalem, Israel

Young leaders, let us soak up the words of this time-tested spiritual father and truly live prepared lives! –Andy Byrd, School of the Circuit Rider, Fire and Fragrance Ministries

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Stay Informed!

Stay Informed!

with Pastor Steve Berger

with Pastor Steve Berger

Zechariah 14 clearly states that a time is coming in history when every nation of the world will turn against Jerusalem. We have thankfully not yet reached that place, though a discerning mind can see how this may shape up in the future. Having just returned from Israel I saw even more the facts in the present conflict between the forces of Hamas (by the way the Hebrew word for “violence” is “hamas”) and Israel and saw how the news media reports all this. It’s clear how they and the nations will ultimately turn against this host people who have brought us redemption through Jesus.

Israel is the most compassionate nation in history in the way they are fighting against Hamas. They know where all the rocket launchers are located. They possess some of the most precise technology and intelligence sources on the planet. They could have wiped out every rocket launcher in a matter of hours, but they know this would also take the lives of tens of thousands of innocent Gazans. The main reason being Hamas hides their rocket launchers and weapons among schools, hospitals, and private homes, knowing Israel is more reticent to destroy them because they will inevitably take the lives of innocent civilians.

Pastor Steve & Pastor Israel Pochtar in Ashdod

Pastor Steve & Pastor Israel Pochtar in Ashdod

As Benjamin Netanyahu told the world some time ago, if Hamas will lay down their arms, there will be peace, but if Israel lays down their arms, there will be no Israel.

Pastor Steve Berger and I spent much of last week in Israel, visiting some of the leaders among Jesus followers, as well as military personnel and government leaders. We were shown actual footage of one of the smart bombs used to destroy some of the weapons caches and tunnels in Gaza. Before the bomb was detonated, Israel took every precaution possible to see that innocent civilians and children would be spared. They 1) sent down leaflets urging all to leave the area because Israel was about to destroy the house containing the weapons, 2) made phone calls and sent text messages to warn the civilians to leave the area, 3) sent out their drones to see if any civilians were detected in the area, 4) dropped a small explosive on the roof of the building to try to scare people out of the house, 5) then release the bomb – and yet even in the releasing, if civilians were seen, the use their precise laser directors to redirect the bomb to an open field, 6) send humanitarian aid to the civilians, and 7) provide a hospital clinic to minister to the wounded.

Sharing at Grace Chapel with Pastor Steve

Sharing at Grace Chapel with Pastor Steve

The world media knows nothing of these precautions, nor do they care. They are more interested in accusing Israel of war crimes for the loss of civilian lives, but never take time or initiative to accuse Hamas of war crimes even though all their thousands of rockets sent into Israel are intended to kill as many Israelis as possible, including innocent children.

What is the message from all this? Do not rely on the media to give you truth. Read the Book!

Does this mean that we hate the Gazans or even the Hamas terrorists? No, there are many innocent people in Gaza. There are Gazan believers who need our help, and we must keep praying the Lord will reveal Himself both to Israel and to the Palestinians. Pray that even these Hamas terrorists will have visions of Messiah Yeshua/Jesus and will accept Him as their Redeemer. Many terrorists have been redeemed through the years, including the well-known “terrorist” named Saul, who was out to

kill all the believers, but had an encounter on the road to Damascus that changed his life and the lives of thousands of others who came to know Jesus as Lord.

Pastor Steve and I shared the message at Grace Chapel in Franklin, TN on Sunday. The whole message can be seen by going to and scrolling down to “Latest Message” and “Part 6 – Trip to Israel.”

Stay strong! Keep looking at Jesus! Let fear and anxiety turn to prayer and to praise to a God who redeems!

Don Finto

A Good Report from the Land

A Good Report from the Land

We have been receiving all kinds of inquiries about our people in Israel. As many of you know, our 14 students and two interns, plus Steve Allen, his son, Isaiah, and Blaine Kimball are all there for the month and arrived during great upheaval, but our team and fellow believers in the Land are doing excellent and are safe. When they arrived they joined in the intercession for Israel and the nations at Sukkat Hallel 24/7 prayer center, prayed at the Western Wall and toured the City of David, as well as went through Hezekiah’s Tunnel.


Before heading south to serve at Kadesh Barnea, a very peaceful place in the southern desert where the original twelve spies went into the land inJoshua’s day, they helped usher at the Elav youth conference in Haifa. There 300 Arab youth from Israel, the territories, and Jordan gathered with 500 Israeli youth who are Jewish believers, and 100 others from the nations to worship, pray, and praise the Lord Jesus who reigns as King, even in the midst of turmoil. Heidi Baker spoke on the power of the Holy Spirit and other speakers also encouraged the participants. We rejoice in the tremendous unity between the Arab and Jewish believers that took place at Elav.

The school first arrived during great upheaval after the murder of three young Israelis by Hamas agents, followed several days later with the revenge murder of a young Arab by an outlawed far right group of Jews. Three have been arrested and confessed to the murder of the Arab youth. The whole nation of Israel has been in shock and mourning. There has now been an escalation of rocket fire from Gaza, and as a result more Israeli Defense Forces being called up, so we are prayerful and exercising godly caution, while at the same time standing in His peace, guidance and counsel in the Land.

Thank you for continuing to pray with us for God’s Word to be spread through Israel and the nations, and that our teams and our covenant believing partners in Israel will be used of God powerfully in this time.

$2100 Church Building Need

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our visit to Pemba, Mozambique, working alongside Heidi Baker, still may be the most strategic visit to a nation I (Don) have ever experienced other than to Israel.

Iris Ministries now has 10,000 churches in their network, with thousands of orphans and widows under their care.

While in Mozambique, we visited one of the villages in the “bush.” The Queen of the village has accepted Jesus and given land for the construction of a church building. In fact, the village is constructing part of the building themselves. I believe we will see a transformation in that village because this highest governing office in the village has invited Jesus to be Lord in her village. We only have to provide part of the building costs in order to complete the building.

We also visited with one of the Iris Mozambique leaders who told us of a church building that needs to be built in another of the Iris works.

Together the total cost for both of these buildings is $2100. That’s right! $2100! When Tod and I heard about this, we said, “That’s ours!” Not because we have the money, but we knew that enough of you would want to participate together. If each of us gives only a small gift, those two buildings will be built.

Last year when Tod was in Mozambique, Heidi and Rolland began to believe that Iris and Caleb were to enter into a covenant. At the time I knew that I, too, was to go. We believe we are to teach in their Harvest School each year. They depend on our bringing the message about what I call “the Israel key that unlocks world revival.” Some of these “bush leaders” have begun to understand that when they bless the world’s host nation and people, that their own ministry will walk under greater anointing and blessing.

Please pray about whether you are to be a part of building those two buildings, so that we can send them a check in the next few days.

We love and bless you!

Don Finto (and Tod McDowell)

If you would like to make a contribution, you may send by mail:

Caleb Company
PO Box 493
Thompson Station, TN 37139-0493
by donating online:

Our Time in Mozambique

I’ve smuggled Bibles into China, taught in a Kenyan seminary and in YWAM schools in Kiev, Ukraine and various places, been on prayer journeys and ministry teams in several dozen nations, but there was something about our recent trip to Mozambique that makes me think it may have been the most strategic time among the nations I’ve ever had, other than the connection in and among Israel and the Jewish people.

Why? Because we experienced more of an open heaven, a purity of life and heart, more miracles than I’ve ever seen in such a short period of time, been among the poorest of the poor, and yet some of the happiest on the planet because of Jesus. Heidi Baker knows how to honor and be honored without being elevated above the one. Her “stop for the one” and “go low and slow” will, I trust, always be with me.

This was Tod’s fourth time to be in Pemba, my first. Iris and Caleb entered into covenant together last year, and I knew I needed to go, but because Martha was having some health issues I crossed the trip off my list. But I think the Lord never did take it off His screen. He kept bringing it back up and I kept thinking it was not Him – until the impression came so strong that I brought it up at home and with our team and got a strong affirmation. So, ten days before the trip I booked the ticket.

Our team consisted of Tod, his ten year old son, Moses, Jake Burton, Jack Beach, who flew in from Rwanda, and Candy Christmas who has been having the Nashville “church under the bridge” for the homeless every Tuesday night for the past nine years, and her grown children: Joshua, Jazmine, and Nicholas.

When I got home, I was communicating with Dr. David Vanderpool, who with his wife, Laurie, and family, gave up their very successful medical practice, their fine home and cars, and then moved to Haiti. They’ve been there six weeks now. I asked how things were going and he wrote, “It’s just like Brentwood, except that we have no running water, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, no air conditioning and no Chili’s!” Thank you, Lord, for those who understand proper values in this life!

For a few hours in Mozambique we experienced the way much of the world lives. But God is working powerfully in this amazing ministry. I believe all of Mozambique, even Africa, and yes, even the world, will be impacted by this place of faith and love. I expect to go back.

In the meantime, may the Holy Spirit press in on all of us to be radically sold-out, fully surrendered disciples of the Man from Galilee who left all the comforts and the power center of the universe to become one of us so He could bring us all back to God. May His Name – Jesus/Yeshua be forever praised and exalted!

Don Finto

Our Day at the Knesset

My interest in Israeli politics has greatly increased since our last trip to Israel. We arrived during the recent time when rockets were being fired daily into the area near Gaza. We called one of the young congregational leaders in the south and found that he was coming to Jerusalem later in the day, so we planned to meet for coffee.