From Chapter 1 of Don’s New Book PREPARE!

From Chapter 1 of Don’s New Book PREPARE!

“Twelve men, among them Caleb and Joshua, were given the assignment of exploring the land promised to them by God and to bring back a report to Moses and the children of Israel… All twelve saw the same things, but their accounts to Moses and the leaders of Israel were significantly different. Only Caleb and Joshua figured the ‘God factor’ into the equation… The voices of the ten spies remind us only of the problems. The voices of Caleb and Joshua acknowledge the seriousness of the battle, but point us to the victory. Let us not only be careful to listen to the Calebs and Joshuas of our day, let us become those Calebs and Joshuas!”

from Chapter 1 of Don’s new book PREPARE!

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Global Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem

Join us along with Encounters Network, Nashville House of Prayer, and Worship City Alliance and many others on October 6th at 6:30pm at Grace Center in Franklin, TN.  This will be a time of unified worship and prayer to bless Israel and the Jewish people.  Worship will be led by Grace Center’s own Luke Finch.


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$2100 Church Building Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who responded regarding the two church buildings in Mozambique. We asked for $2,100, but because of your generosity we are able to send Iris Ministries slightly more than $6000! The extra funds will go towards digging wells, feeding orphans, and training bush pastors. As most of you will know, this is one of the most amazing ministries to the poor of any place we know, ministering to many thousands of orphans and single mothers who have been deserted by their husbands, often these women without any way to feed and support the children.

Please know that we are continually partnering with Iris. We have been very blessed to teach in the Global Harvest schools, and to work alongside these amazing men and women of God.

Some of you have wondered why we would be raising funds for church buildings, since that is not usually something that we would do. These “church buildings” are not what we usually would call “church buildings,” but are really more like a small living room in a village in the bush where no one has living space large enough to host a group. Iris Ministries now has more than 10,000 churches throughout the bush country.

May the Lord give you back many times over what you have given, so that, as Paul said to us, we may “at all times, having all that [we] need, [we] will abound in every good work” (2 Cor. 9:8).


Don and Tod, for “Caleb” and “Iris”

Israel Tour 2013

Come to learn, come to experience, come to be transformed by the presence of God.

Join Don Finto and Tod McDowell for an enriching, life-changing experience in the land of Israel.

We will worship, pray and tour throughout the land with a professional guide, while Don and Tod share personally on the relevance of Israel’s history as it connects to both the current day and to the future. They will introduce you to special friends and to influential leaders among Messianic believers and within the current government. Enjoy great accommodations throughout the trip.

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$2100 Church Building Need

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our visit to Pemba, Mozambique, working alongside Heidi Baker, still may be the most strategic visit to a nation I (Don) have ever experienced other than to Israel.

Iris Ministries now has 10,000 churches in their network, with thousands of orphans and widows under their care.

While in Mozambique, we visited one of the villages in the “bush.” The Queen of the village has accepted Jesus and given land for the construction of a church building. In fact, the village is constructing part of the building themselves. I believe we will see a transformation in that village because this highest governing office in the village has invited Jesus to be Lord in her village. We only have to provide part of the building costs in order to complete the building.

We also visited with one of the Iris Mozambique leaders who told us of a church building that needs to be built in another of the Iris works.

Together the total cost for both of these buildings is $2100. That’s right! $2100! When Tod and I heard about this, we said, “That’s ours!” Not because we have the money, but we knew that enough of you would want to participate together. If each of us gives only a small gift, those two buildings will be built.

Last year when Tod was in Mozambique, Heidi and Rolland began to believe that Iris and Caleb were to enter into a covenant. At the time I knew that I, too, was to go. We believe we are to teach in their Harvest School each year. They depend on our bringing the message about what I call “the Israel key that unlocks world revival.” Some of these “bush leaders” have begun to understand that when they bless the world’s host nation and people, that their own ministry will walk under greater anointing and blessing.

Please pray about whether you are to be a part of building those two buildings, so that we can send them a check in the next few days.

We love and bless you!

Don Finto (and Tod McDowell)

If you would like to make a contribution, you may send by mail:

Caleb Company
PO Box 493
Thompson Station, TN 37139-0493
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