We have been receiving all kinds of inquiries about our people in Israel. As many of you know, our 14 students and two interns, plus Steve Allen, his son, Isaiah, and Blaine Kimball are all there for the month and arrived during great upheaval, but our team and fellow believers in the Land are doing excellent and are safe. When they arrived they joined in the intercession for Israel and the nations at Sukkat Hallel 24/7 prayer center, prayed at the Western Wall and toured the City of David, as well as went through Hezekiah’s Tunnel.


Before heading south to serve at Kadesh Barnea, a very peaceful place in the southern desert where the original twelve spies went into the land inJoshua’s day, they helped usher at the Elav youth conference in Haifa. There 300 Arab youth from Israel, the territories, and Jordan gathered with 500 Israeli youth who are Jewish believers, and 100 others from the nations to worship, pray, and praise the Lord Jesus who reigns as King, even in the midst of turmoil. Heidi Baker spoke on the power of the Holy Spirit and other speakers also encouraged the participants. We rejoice in the tremendous unity between the Arab and Jewish believers that took place at Elav.

The school first arrived during great upheaval after the murder of three young Israelis by Hamas agents, followed several days later with the revenge murder of a young Arab by an outlawed far right group of Jews. Three have been arrested and confessed to the murder of the Arab youth. The whole nation of Israel has been in shock and mourning. There has now been an escalation of rocket fire from Gaza, and as a result more Israeli Defense Forces being called up, so we are prayerful and exercising godly caution, while at the same time standing in His peace, guidance and counsel in the Land.

Thank you for continuing to pray with us for God’s Word to be spread through Israel and the nations, and that our teams and our covenant believing partners in Israel will be used of God powerfully in this time.