Caleb Training

SR: School of Revival

Multiplying the Message
Caleb Training

CMI: Messenger Internship

Multiplying the Messengers

Caleb Training

IMT: Israel Ministry Trip

Going and Pouring Out


“Equipping the church to participate in God’s Biblical plan for Israel and its relationship to world revival.”  We want to raise up generations of leaders like Caleb and Joshua who live with wholehearted devotion to Jesus, embrace God’s heart for Israel and its relationship to world revival, and are released to passionately pursue their calling and destiny guided by clear personal vision rooted in Biblical identity.

Our intensive leadership training and seminars are geared to impart students with God’s heart and purpose for Israel and the nations, and with an understanding of the prophetic time we are living in according to Scripture. Our heart is to equip kingdom influencers with the tools they need to change the world: a lifestyle of intimacy where identity and vision are found, God’s heart and purpose for Israel and all nations, living life in authentic community with discipleship, cultivating a culture of worship and intercession, and spreading the love and power of Jesus.

How do we TRAIN?


We use a Hebraic teaching style much like Jesus used with His disciples, which focuses on applying Biblical truth rather than just acquiring it. There is a rabbinic blessing which says, “May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi,” conveying that the follower is closely behind their teacher. Models are more powerful than messages. We desire to model a spirit-filled, biblical lifestyle, and to accomplish this through relational teaching and mentoring. We engage in daily worship, prayer, and prophetic ministry, and combine powerful teachings from world-class speakers and leaders, with life-changing experiences that facilitate overall transformation.


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