You are invited to join Caleb Global on our next Serve and Bless Israel Tour, April 10-20, 2024.

I was just in Israel a few weeks ago to connect with and bless many of our Jewish and Arab partners. I got to see first-hand the fruit of our partnership and humanitarian aid touching hearts, restoring lives, and strengthening believers in the land.

As Christians, we have a unique opportunity to share the love of Yeshua at this critical time in Israel. While financial gifts are important, our presence speaks affirmation to our friends in the land that they are not alone.

Our coming tour is a unique opportunity, combining our high-value land tour where we visit the biblical sites and follow the life of Jesus with insightful teaching, meaningful connection with our partners, and opportunities to serve and bless both Jewish and Arab communities in the land.

You will leave having touched the land, the people, and the Kingdom of God.

I hope to see you there!

Executive Director, Tod McDowell