Let Scripture reign and let blessings flow!

Yes, I am overjoyed that President Trump has acknowledged and declared what God declared 3000 years ago, that Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel. Though our congress made this acknowledgement in 1995, earlier presidents, regardless of their good intentions have been ruled by fear, and kept signing extensions, thus refusing to establish the US Embassy in the capital city of this, our closest ally in the Middle East.

Yes, I am watching the news closely in the next few days, believing that the words of God to Abraham 4000 years ago will become a reality in the lives of our nation: that God will bless those who bless Abraham’s God-chosen descendants through whom the entire world has been and will be blessed (See Genesis 12:1-3).

I am praying for our nation, especially for impending Supreme Court decisions, that Godly decisions will be made, also praying against the raging wildfires in California, praying that as a result of President Trump’s courageous decision to affirm and bless the world’s host nation and city, we will be blessed.

Join me in prayer, asking the Lord to confirm His Word through blessing our nation.