On this day, 3500 years ago,

lambs were slaughtered throughout Goshen in Egypt.
Hyssop brushes stroked Jewish doorposts with lamb’s blood.

The children of Israel met quietly,
sequestered behind their bloodstained doors,
waiting to be delivered from 400 years of slavery.

On this day, 2000 years ago,
another Lamb was slain.
Human hearts were stroked with Lamb’s blood
and freed from centuries of slavery.
Today…Lamb’s blood is still found on human hearts.
Deliverance is found behind a blood-stained door.
If the doorpost of your heart is stained with Lamb’s blood,

have a glorious Passover season.
If not, grab quickly the hyssop
and look for the Lamb’s blood.
The exodus will come suddenly

and we will be ushered into a whole new glorious future.

The slain Lamb has risen

and will return as King of kings and Lord of lords!