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Monica Harrison


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About Monica:

Monica is passionate about people and learning. She graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Anthropology and continued her education to become an elementary school teacher. Following graduation, she worked as a teacher, coach, and mentor in local schools, before returning back to school at Biola University to pursue graduate studies in Pastoral Care and Counseling. Most recently, she completed School of Revival 13 and she is eager to continue to develop under the leadership of Caleb Global. A teacher and nurturer at heart, Monica loves to help others grow and be empowered to pursue the fullness of their destiny in Jesus. She has a strong value for family and desires to see all people find belonging and freedom in the family of God. Monica has traveled to many different nations to serve and learn through short-term mission trips, and now, she is excited to labor with Caleb Global long-term to see revival in Israel, the Middle East, and the nations.

Vision Statement:

Abba, God, delights in me as His daughter. He calls me friend—and we are, best. He leads me by His covenant faithfulness and invites me to rest. I enjoy His goodness and mercy each day. He makes me a warrior intercessor, a compassionate mother, and a spring of life; flowing with wisdom, joy, and love; where others come to be nourished and refreshed. I am a forerunner sent out to the nations to gather and prepare the family for the Great Feast and to announce, “The King is coming!” My life is my worship to Him.