When Jesus was asked about the most important commandment, His response was, “Listen!” (as The Message translates Mark’s account of the conversation, or as other translations put it) “Hear!”

When I am walking strong in the Lord, I find myself continually wanting to listen for that prompting of God’s Spirit within! To hear His instructions and guidance!

A couple of weeks ago, pondering my own future path, I heard the Lord caution me against two things:
1. Be careful to do nothing out of a man-pleasing spirit – doing something to please others, but something the Spirit of God has not confirmed.
2. You will never walk in the full will of God only doing what is considered the norm. Every Godly, biblical hero walks a different path from those around them.

Some years back, I heard the Lord caution me about burn-out – that He never burns anyone out! That we only burn out if
1. We are doing something God has not called us to do, or
2. We are doing what God called us to do, but we are doing it in our own strength, rather than in the strength He provides.

What is the most important commandment?

“Listen!” “Hear!”