Keep the Kingdom view!

The first petition out of the mouth of Jesus when He was teaching His disciples how to pray was, “Your kingdom come!”

One of the challenges each of us faces today, especially if we have a large or very successful ministry or congregation, is to keep the kingdom view of who we are, our role in the overall plan of God in our day.

A leader of a very significant ministry was one day shown a huge net and presumed God was giving an encouraging word by showing the success of the ministry. But then the Lord said, “Oh, no! See this little piece of the net? That’s who you are.”

Each of us, whether as individuals or as large ministries, participate a small piece of what God is doing in our day.

Paul says that we are “seated together with Him in the heavenly realms” (Eph. 2:6). Let’s stay up there, look at who we are, and get God’s view of our role in the vastness of His work in these times.”

Who are you? How are you gifted? As an individual, how do you see yourself as a part of the Kingdom of God on a daily basis? For those with very successful ministries, how does your ministry fit into what God is doing?

Learn to appreciate all of God’s children, even those with whom you may disagree. If they are followers of Jesus, then they are a part of the whole plan of God just as you are.

Keep the Kingdom view!