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Over the course of one year, our interns will master the messages of Caleb Company and serve the messengers.

Through in-depth inductive study, teachings, assignments, hands-on discipleship, and international travel/ministry opportunities, they will discover and share a fuller understanding of God’s heart, purpose, and plan for igniting revival in Israel, the Middle East and the nations. Through staffing the School of Revival and receiving training in administrative operations, interns will develop and hone their skills, learn the inner-workings of a ministry, and cultivate greater leadership growth through serving the staff and students.

Training Phases

Messenger Training: Interns will receive in-depth, interactive, teachings on the messages of Caleb Company in order to master them.  Teaching topics will include personal identity, vision, destiny, Holy Spirit, God’s heart and strategic plan for Israel, the history of the Middle East, and more.  They will engage in Bible studies together, receive discipleship, cultivate a lifestyle of daily worship and prayer, serve in operational roles with our staff, and share the messages they are studying.

School of Revival: In this phase, our interns will cultivate their leadership abilities as they actively participate in staffing and serving the School of Revival students.


Messenger training

      • Mastering the Message

      • In-Depth & Inductive Study of the Bible

      • Ongoing Discipleship

      • Teachings and Assignments

      • Office Operational Roles

      • Ministry Trip Opportunities
      • Daily Worship & Prayer


        • Cultivating Leadership Abilities

        • Serving School of Revival Students

        • Developing Deep Relationships
        • Traveling Internationally

        • Receiving Hands-On Training in Facilitating a Training School

Meet the 2019 interns

Moriah Murphy

Moriah Murphy

CT10 student

I am loved and chosen by a kind Father, the Lord delights in me. God is my teacher and my judge who has called me to be a fearless student and gives me courage and strength to carry out great…  Read more.

Lexie Heroux

Lexie Heroux

CT11 student

I am a chosen, faithful daughter of Israel’s Mighty King; bringing His love, light and truth to all I encounter. I am a bold proclaimer of the gospel to the broken and the lost, not held back by the limitations of… Read more.


The Messenger Internship is open to alumni by invitation.

If you would like to be considered in the 2021 internship, please click the button below!