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Grace Whitley


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About Grace:

Grace has been a part of the Caleb Global community for close to 10 years now. From her own story of The Lord’s miraculous healing in her life, Grace’s heart burns to see the nations receive “a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.” She has carried a special love for the youth and deep desire for reaching the broken-hearted and lost since she was young. Her family has a spiritual legacy that is closely tied to Israel, therefore Grace grew up with the Middle East in her heart. This love became even more personal as she received training through the Caleb Global School of Revival in the fall of 2020, and was sent overseas to Iraq for international outreach. She graduated with an increased zeal to love the people He loves: Beginning with Israel, the surrounding Middle East and the nations, desiring to see the fullness of the gospel experienced in their hearts.

Vision Statement:

The Alpha and Omega is my Dad. His Son is my dearest Friend. He whispers to me His heart secrets, sharing His deepest mysteries with me. I have been appointed as a prophetess to urgently announce the coming King. Anointed to mother and nurture in nations, and called to carry the heart of my Father and His message on my lips. I am His soldier, but at my core, I’m His lover. May the Lamb receive reward for His suffering through my life laid down, like oil poured out, for the One I love.