“A cheerful heart is good medicine”
Proverbs 17:22

Let me give you a nice “holy land laugh!”

One time, when Tod and I arrived with Micah and Steve Allen in Tel Aviv, our phones were not working, because of a new ruling about foreigners’ telephone accounts in Israel. So, we had to wait to get new Sim cards for the phones. As a result, we could not get in touch with friends, nor they with us. On the day after I got my phone updated, I sent out a short email to let some of our friends know that we were in the country for a few days.

The note I thought I wrote was very simple. “Tod and I in the country until Saturday. We had to get new numbers. Mine is …; his is….”

Just as I pushed the send button, I noticed that Spell Check had changed “Tod” to “God,” reading “God and I in the country until Saturday. We had to get new numbers. Mine is …; his is…”

It was late at night; I had blind-copied everyone. I could not even remember who all I sent it to, so I simply thought, “Oh, well,” and laughed myself to sleep, in anticipation of the emails I would get the next day!

And here is a sample of what came the next day:

  • From John and Una Gere: “Wow! Can we give out God’s phone number to anyone, or is private!!!!!   I remember His old number was JER333 (call unto Me and I will answer thee…).”
  • Gabriel Leonhard: “I’m so glad that you brought God with you!  🙂 and Micah too…”
  • Shira Sorko_Ram: “Dear Don, I have ALWAYS wanted God’s direct line!  Thanks for His and for yours!”
  • Israel Pochtar: “Wow… amazing to hear you’re here in the land with God How did you get his personal number?”

Have a blessed day! And laugh a little!