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Don Finto


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About Don:

After returning from eight years in missions in post World War II Germany, Don Finto earned a Ph.D. in German Literature at Vanderbilt University and taught at Lipscomb University from 1963-1971. He served Belmont Church as Senior Pastor from 1971-1996 during the height of the Jesus Movement before founding Caleb Company. This prophetic fathering, teaching, and mentoring ministry seeks to develop Jewish and Gentile believers and challenge them to live holy and devoted lives. Don focuses on advocacy for Jewish people, prayer, worship, connecting Gentile and Messianic believers, calling the Gentile Church to be in meaningful support of what God is fulfilling in the Jewish world, and enabling young leaders to fulfill God’s calling. He has written three significant books on these topics: Your People Shall Be My People, God’s Promise and The Future of Israel, and his latest book, Prepare! For the End Time Harvest. Don currently lives in Tennessee.

Vision Statement:

I believe God’s Word more than I believe my own emotions or feelings. Therefore, I can boldly declare that I am becoming more like Jesus every day. The Word of God and the Spirit of God are constantly working in me to produce His nature. I am righteous in God’s sight and I have a secure future. I do not dwell on the past, but embrace the fullness of what God is doing in this day and my role in those plans. I am a man after God’s heart, and will not depart from this life until God has accomplished His purpose for me in this generation and I have declared God’s glory to the next generation. I live in the constant expectation and confidence that the kingdom of God is advancing across the globe, that Jewish people are coming to faith in their Messiah each day, and that the good news of Jesus/Yeshua, the Messiah, is reaching to the remotest areas of the world. I fear the Lord and find great delight in His commands, therefore my children will be mighty in the Land. My generations will be blessed. In the end, I will look in triumph on all my foes. I will daily come before the Lord in worship and prayer, with thanksgiving, and will ultimately see all this come to its fullness.

(Romans 8:29; Ephesians 3:18-20; Isaiah 6:8-13; Romans 11:12,15; Psalm 112; Psalm 71:18; Acts 13:22,36; 1 Thessalonians 2:13; Romans 3:21,22; Psalm 100)