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Deanna Dolan


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About Deanna:

Deanna is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ who grew up in a multi-cultural, non-Christian home. As a child she traveled often with her family and spent time living in and visiting the Middle East. When she turned 24 years old she had a radical encounter with the Lord that rescued her from the kingdom of darkness and changed the trajectory of her life forever.

Deanna serves on the worship team at her local church along with her husband and loves leading others into the presence of the Lord. She is a teacher in “Women’s Ministry” and is amazed daily that the Lord transformed her from being someone who fought against Him to someone who now teaches others about Him. Over the last 15 years Deanna founded and led a ministry that ministered to refugees from the Middle East in the Nashville area, and has seen the Lord do incredible things as she stepped out in faith daily to serve the refugee community. She has traveled the world with her family ministering and equipping others in Hong Kong, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Jordan. Deanna loves spending time with her family and friends, singing, acting, teaching, dancing, hiking and traveling. Deanna is a mother of two amazing boys and a wife to her best friend and husband Matt. As a family, Deanna, Matt, and the boy’s are answering the call to Pioneer in areas where the enemy has had a heavy foothold. They are dedicated to serving the Lord with Caleb Global in the nations and joining with the Lord in seeing Isaac and Ishmael reunited at the Cross.

Vision statement:

I am a child of the most high King. In my lungs, I carry his breath. I once was a slave to darkness but he has brought me into marvelous light. He is my maker and it is for his glory that I go, move, sing, and speak. I am a weapon in his hands to be used to bring truth to dark places. I am a bridge that reaches out to those who are behind bars of deception. I am a pioneer who takes new territory for my king. He has made me a wife to an honorable man, and a mother to two sons who will grow up to be warriors for his kingdom. Most importantly, he is my father and I am his daughter. He is my father who will never leave or forsake me, and in Him I can do all things.